Our Proactive Approach

BDA aims to systematically identify, plan and manage the long-term building integrity of our client's assets. Following client contact, BDA will review your building specifics, background and locale for which to provide a customised fee structure to suit all requirements. We keep the process simple. We do this by breaking the process down into 4 simple and easily managed stages.

Stage 1: Building Baseline

Setting up your building baseline is the start of the process. To plan for and manage a buildings long-term integrity, first we must understand the building in its current state. We achieve our building baseline with a uniquely collective approach that delivers a holistic assessment of the buildings current condition. Through multidisciplinary expert inspections, with a team of our experienced and professional engineers, a full review is undertaken to identify and evaluate any areas of concern. This information is compiled into a single, easy to understand report that is designed to equip our clients with the crucial information required to make informed planning decisions for the future of their building.

Stage 2: Report

All of the issues and defects identified during the inspections are compiled into a single, easy to understand report that include; photographs, a detailed description of the defect/issue, possible causes, potential impacts, recommendations as to the rectification and remediation (or maintenance requirements), any further investigations that may be required, cost implications and finally a risk score that summarises all of the above information into a number that simplifies the defect’s risk to the buildings integrity by analysing it’s likelihood and overall consequence.

Stage 3: Plan

Once are clients have been empowered with the knowledge of their buildings current condition, they can confidently begin to plan.

Future planning for your building

  • The condition of a building is summarised with any existing or emerging defects ranked in order of significance. This is the foundation of your planning tool which will enable you to priorities building maintenance and remedial works over the coming years.
  • High risk defects can be actioned and managed immediately.
  • Older buildings with outdated technologies and components can be gradually upgraded with consideration made to both cost and overall significance.
  • Maintenance schedules can be adopted to mitigate the emergence of new defects and/or reduce the impact of existing defects.
  • The remaining lifespan of expensive building components (lifts, air-conditioning, hydraulic/plumbing elements) can be identified early to allow for inclusion in financial forecasts.
  • Sinking funds and budgets can be aligned to achieve future building requirements.
  • Early detection of building issues will also allow owners advanced time in finding reputable contractors to undertake the required works. This usually means a more competitive price from a higher quality contractor, as opposed to taking the first quote due to the urgency of the matter.
  • The list goes on….call our office staff today to find out more information on the benefits you can expect from our services.

Stage 4: Investigate and Review

If a high risk issue or defect is identified in your building that poses a serious threat to the structural integrity, building operations or safety of the occupants, our clients have the option to perform further investigations utilising the same engineers who performed the baseline inspection. A separate report can be provided on each high-risk issue/defect that includes; further analysis into the root cause of the defect, implications should the issue not be resolved, scope of the works required for the rectification and includes the timeframes and cost estimates to undertake the remediation works. Our engineers are also available to project manage the remediation works if so desired by our clients.
In the event that nil or minimal low risk issues or defects are evident in your building, we will assist with recommendations for the ongoing maintenance and determine suitable timeframes for future inspections to make sure we uphold the high quality of your asset.

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