The BDA Team

Congratulations - You have come straight to the experts! Our multidisciplinary team has a collective experience in building defect identification and resolution of over 50 years. Our business vision and focus are aligned solely on maintaining the health of Australian buildings. Why? We firmly believe in what we do. BDA have witnessed firsthand the devastation that can occur from unresolved building defects and we as a team are committed to the mitigation of this risk, so our clients can maintain their lifestyle and financial position with confidence.

Our People

Scott Palin

Scott Palin

Operations Manager

Scott is a Senior Project Manager in construction and a Business Owner who specialises in assembling tailer-made teams of professionals to effectively deliver on a large range of development projects.

Prior to starting a Project Management Consultancy, Scott spent nine years as an Engineer and Manager working with one of Australia’s largest and most diverse infrastructure companies on projects both in Australia and overseas. Using best practice systems and procedures developed on large complex projects, Scott has a vision to scale down these attributes and provide effective solutions for the current building industry.

Peter Mitrevski

Peter Mitrevski

Principal Structural Engineer

Peter is a senior structural engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry including design, project management and remedial solutions. He has extensive site experience and has worked across various sectors including residential, commercial, aged care, health, community, education, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Specialties include inspection of building defects, structural assessment and remedial solutions. Peter is passionate about the Australian building industry and strives to ensure engineering ethics and confidence are maintained throughout the construction sector.

Chris Rust

Chris Rust

Principal Hydraulic Engineer

Chris has worked in the Hydraulic Services Industry for over 40 years, with expertise in project planning, concept design, detailed construction design and quality control. Commencing his career with a Plumbing Certification, Chris has completed a Masters Degree in Building Science and has a particular interest in Building Environmental Performance.

Chris has been responsible for the identification and correction of defects in many hydraulic services systems across residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Rohan Antao

Rohan Antao

Business Development

Rohan has over 13 years’ experience in the analysis, engagement and delivery of solutions and products to clients in multiple Business Development roles. With a keen interest in environmentally sustainability projects, through BDA, Rohan aims to continually build trusted relationships with individuals and businesses with the focus on BDAs strategy and vision of sustainability.

With an emphasis on reducing re-work via long-term building strategy, Rohan strives to conserve our natural resources and reduce our landfill footprint, to ensure we’re looking out for the generations to come.

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